Ray LeCara Jr.​


Ray LeCara Jr
  1. The Forgotten Prophecy, 2006
    When a young peasant girl claims she’s been visited by a holy apparition communicating a prophetic vision of the future, her ominous warning is ignored by the Vatican. Eighty years later, as the Church readies itself for the new millennium under new leadership, strange events herald the long since buried prophecy may actually be underway.
  2. Future Destiny, 2008
    ​​In this first book of the Torn Timeline series, a group of teens are forced to put differences aside and become unlikely allies after a surprise attack on their middle school by a foreign military force from the future. Kidnapped, they are taken into a dystopian future with no hope of returning home. But, like their Social Studies teacher, who just might be a secret agent, not everything is as it seems.
  3. When Worlds Collide, 2016
    Life hasn’t just returned to normal since returning from the future, it’s gotten better. That is, until our heroes begin to realize the planet is on a countdown to World War III. Stranded in a timeline that isn’t their own, Rustam’s Crew must once again find a way back home before civilization destroys itself. Only this time, they’re on their own. A sequel to Future Destiny.

Seattle, Washington, 2018

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