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A nonprofit site, Khan Academy is free and without ads or subscriptions.  Equipped with an instructional digital collection of nearly 10,000 videos, the site offers exercises designed to track learning, offering recommendations on where next to proceed.  Unlike other online learning sites, learners proceed at their own pace, engaged in exercises that offer continuous assessment.
Khan Academy's Math covers the following:
--K-8 Math
--Math Fundamentals
--High School Math and Beyond
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Amazing and comprehensive site meant to provide "in-depth instruction... for learners of all ages and abilities."  Each of the mathematical areas the site addresses are explained below.  For your convenience, links to each of those sections has also been provided. 
Perimeter of Polygons, Area of Rectangles, Parallelograms, Triangles and Trapezoids.
Geometry, parts of a circle, radius, diameter, Pi, Circumference of Circles, and Area of Circles.
Factors, Multiples, Prime and Composite Numbers, Divisibility, Exponents, and Patterns with
Exponents. Connections to geometry and the real world.
Classify Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Simplify, Compare and Order... Convert Fractions to Mixed Numbers. Convert Mixed Numbers to Fractions. Math instruction is visual and conceptual.
Add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators, LCD, add and subtract mixed numbers, solve real-world problems. These lessons use both visual and conceptual approaches
Multiply fractions with and without cancelling, multiply mixed numbers, reciprocals, divide fractions, divide mixed numbers, solving real-world problems. Instruction is visual and conceptual.
Introduction, Read and Write, Compare and Order Decimals. Estimate Decimal Sums and Differences. Add and Subtract, Solve Decimal Word Problems.
Estimate Decimal Products and Quotients. Multiply and Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers and by Decimals. Round Decimal Quotients, Solve Word Problems.
Meaning of Percent, Writing Fractions and Decimals as Percents, Writing Percents as Decimals and Fractions, Percents Less Than 1 or Greater Than 100.
Ppercent applications are presented, including Percentages and Proportions (IS over OF), Discount, Sale Price, Interest, Commission, Sales Tax, and Percent Change. Many connections to money in these lessons.
Absolute Value, Compare, Order, Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide.
Experiments, Outcomes, Certain and Impossible Events, Sample Spaces, Complement, Mutually Exclusive Events, Addition Rules, Independent and Dependent Events, Conditional Probabilities
Pre-algebra: Order of Operations with Whole Numbers, Integers and Exponents. PEMDAS, Writing Algebraic Expressions and Writing Algebraic Equations.
Step-by-step instruction on how to read, interpret and construct Line, Bar and Circle Graphs. Determine which graph is appropriate for a given set of data.
Data, Range, Mean, Non-Routine Mean Problems, Median, and Mode. Strategies presented for Working Backwards, Bimodal Data, and No Mode.
Negation, Conjunction and Disjunction. Conditional, Compound, and Biconditional Statements. Tautologies and Equivalence.
Basic definitions and notation, types of sets, equality, Venn diagrams, subsets, Universal set, set-builder notation, complement, intersection and union.
Practicing math skills doesn't have to (nor should it) be a chore.  Introducing ABSURD MATH!  ABSURD MATH is an "interactive mathematical problem solving game series. The player proceeds on missions in a strange world where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skill and knowledge. Many of the pages have hidden clues and areas."
Players can even email the site's staff for assistance in their quests...
According to BestCollegeReviews.org, BETTER EXPLAINED "offers a big-picture-first approach to learning mathematics — often with visual explanations — whether for high school algebra or college-level calculus, statistics and other related topics."                       
BRILLIANT.ORG is a "forum where motivated kids share math and physics problems and solutions. As with any online forum, there are some safety concerns, but it's mostly a safe place for math fiends to challenge each other and learn from their peers. Brilliant is definitely for high achievers already way into challenging concepts, so kids who are having a hard time with math or physics and who need extra help should look elsewhere for guidance."
GET THE MATH is a "website geared toward middle and high school students that helps them build problem-solving skills and solve real-world problems with algebra. There's no login or saved data; kids watch awesome video clips of professionals using math in their jobs. Then they get a chance to try it themselves with the mathematical challenges the site poses. It's hip and fun and teaches legit algebra."
While "some sections of this teen-centric educational site cost money to access... SAT prep materials are $23; AP exam guides are $17... there's plenty of free content to help kids learn about literature, algebra, and other school subjects. Teens don't have to register to use the site, but they'll be able to save sample essays they're working on if they do."
Concordia Online Education describes the site as follows:
"The developers of this site have been helping high school students achieve greater results in mathematics for 17 years. They have received numerous awards for their work and continue to provide a site that lends assistance in all areas of math. From explanations of theory to problem-solving equations, the information on this site is completely free. They also have a page titled Cyberexam that offers quizzes and testing for each area of mathematics learning."
According to Concordia Online Education, this site may not "have a catchy name, but Math.com has everything needed for a website that assists students with help in high school math. This site is easy to navigate with a drop-down menu on the side that contains choices for every subject of mathematics studied on a high school level. The site also includes a section where teachers may find information for lesson plans and a multitude of classroom resources. There is another section for parents who need help from the website’s homework directory for their child."
Leave it up to Discovery Education to deliver once again.  This math wesite is a "free student resource in which students can enter any math-related question and get a detailed solution on the spot. The unique aspect of Webmath.com is that in the 'Math for Everyone' section, there are very clear examples of everyday expenses in which math is necessary. You can learn how to determine a tip at your favorite restaurant or figure out the odds of winning that million-dollar lottery. Whatever the instance, this website has all the secrets for math success!"
--Concordia Online Education
"Another great site for help in high school math... This site is also well designed and offer lessons, examples and explanations that every high school math student needs. One unique attribute of this site is that many areas of mathematics have video lessons. In addition, Mathplanet.com offers SAT and ACT tests with separate downloadable answer keys."
--Concordia Online Education
From breaking down Algebraic equations to understanding Pre-Calc, this YouTube site has it all...
The brainchild of a California mathematics teacher, Eric Marcos, the site was created as part of a project called the Mathtrain.com Project.  Its focus: a central location in which to host math video lessons by students themselves.  
The site may appear simplistic — maybe even too young for you, but it's a great source for brushing up on — and clarifying — subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percent mathematical skills.
Site includes tutorials with explanations provided by way of images and interactives media. 
Hosted by a "former math instructor at a Top 20 University [with an] MA in Mathematics... [one] year of PhD work... [and] tons of teaching and tutoring experience," these math videos aim to "to empower people with a bit of math know-how" from someone who has an affinity for math.  Void of bells, whistles, and distractions, Patrick's videos offer a no-nonsense approach on "how to tackle different math problems," supporting what is currently being taught in the classroom.
Begun in 2008 by Mr. McKeague with a group of students as a math textbook supplement, the site offers video mathematical explanations. Video topics include Study Skills and address the following math topics/skills: Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. 
Looking to provide a personalized, one-on-one experience, MathHelp.com is on a "mission to give everyone a second chance to learn math."
Check out the vast collection of videos, from the most basic to the most complex of math functions.
For the serious math student...
Check this site out if you want to master the meaning of mathematical terms or use it as a refresher before tackling anything more complex.  Featured here are also formulas, some of which should be mastered in order to successfully move on to more difficult areas.
What does StudyGeek.org offer?
"Experienced tutors and [a] service [that] is completely free . Of course, you can find online math help free for different math related problems, but you can also choose to study from lessons made by our experienced tutors. Unlike other sites that offer help with math homework, we don't charge you any money – you can use our lessons for free to increase your educational skills. It means that if you want some help to understand a particular math concept, you just need to find it on our website.
Whether you want free math help online or you simply need to understand the fundamentals of a particular concept related to geometry, calculus, algebra, pre-algebra, etc., simply look no further than Studygeek.org."